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Abortions This Year

With Joe Biden's inauguration behind us, a new administration takes the helm, a new administration with different beliefs, stances, and opinions on important matters such as abortion. So, since the Biden administration supports abortion, how will this affect the STEM Cell industry, and will businesses and universities benefit in any way? Also, is there any connection behind this new administration’s support for abortions? This article will discuss these issues: let’s take a look!

The Biden administration is likely to allocate more funds for stem cell line research

The STEM cell industry conducts ongoing research in embryonic stem (ES) cells. For this research to go ahead, they need access to fetal tissue and embryos to break this material down.

The Trump administration has restricted the provision of embryos donated from in vitro fertilization, which has hindered research. The good news for STEM cell research is that the new administration will loosen these restrictions and allocate more funding to this research.

Are universities and businesses likely to benefit from the new administration?

STEM cell research and abortion politics go hand in hand in the USA. The topic naturally attracts much moral debate as many people believe that if abortion is allowed, then so too should STEM cell research be permitted. In 2007, Joe Biden voted in favor of the S 30 Stem Cell Research Hope act and has shown long-term support for ongoing research in this field.

As we advance, this will mean that universities conducting STEM cell research will benefit from increased federal funding and support. Businesses, such as Planned Parenthood, can also expect to see additional support and funding as the new administration is sworn in.


In 2021, we will see additional funding for STEM cell research, resulting in new findings and progression in the field.

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