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Absentee Fathers: Numbers Don't Lie

By: David H.

The number of divorces in America as of 2014 was 813,862 (45 reporting States and D.C.) according to the CDC. Everyone knows about absentee fathers or commonly called “deadbeat dads” a term used to describe fathers who abandon their children financially and emotionally. But, what about the father who is physically present, but mentally tardy for the party? The number of marriages in America as of 2014 was 2,140, 272 (49 reporting States and D.C) according to the CDC.

This nontraditional view of the present yet unattentive father is rarely discussed. So, let’s take a look at this matter. Imagine your child writing to you. Imagine your child saying, “I wish you were here.”

This marked another year you weren’t actively in our life,

No manual attached to us, we only came with strife.

Coming home after work, wanting to unwind,

Sippin on whatever your eyes could find.

Living the suburban life,

helped you obtained a wife.

Missing school dances and such.

Wasn’t clear until now,

How we missed you so much.

Should we be sad, mad, and/or glad?

You were our father, but barely our dad.

We, your babies are living examples,

not statistics. We still have trouble trusting anyone,

Not sure who to let our love live with.

Older now and act like we don’t care,

But we’re watching you sleep.

Standing in front of your chair,

We wish you were here.

Let’s change the game, play by a different set of rules.

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