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Air Jordan Shoes

By: David H.

One would say hip-hop integrated Jordans sneakers into the world of fashion. However, others disagree completely, implying the creative vision of fashion foresight goes fully to Michael Jordan alone. Regardless, the diverse pallet of vibrant colors is always anticipated by streetwear connoisseurs of various ages, while becoming more and more mainstream within the millennial market. Men and women have been reported waiting outside of shoe stores for days. Some have gone as far as taking sick and vacation days to ensure elite bragging rights, specifically for being a member of the limited group of people able to receive those shoes during that release date. Facts are Jordans prices reached upward of $150. Some true collectors of Jordans compare a “fresh pair of J’s” to Faberge Eggs, or in other words, nearly priceless. Now, before you say how you will never pay $150 for a pair of shoes, let me remind you what you're probably spending way more on everyday items that you know. Toothpaste like Crest is about $4 at the store. However, those who would never be caught dead at the Dollar Tree store are missing the value of saving $3 for the same Crest brand name toothpaste. Just saying, you pay for what you want. Plus, in the larger spectrum of fashion and pricing, Jordans are for poor people.

Brands typically target people they know will buy their product. For instance, there are those who drive cars like Kia; then there are those who drive cars like Mercedes Benz. Both are amazing car brands. However, people who are accustomed to Kia dream to drive Mercedes Benz. Benz drivers don’t dream of driving Kia’s. However, in other parts of the world (outside America) some think riding in a Mercedes-Benz is like riding the public bus (meaning they’re #trashy). Comparing a brand like Lamborghini to Mercedes-Benz is to Mercedes-Benz to Kia. Do you see?

But, in the world of fashion, style is ever evolving. One day you’re it, and then, not so much! In the sneaker shoe brand industry, Jordans are pretty pricey. But, in the larger spectrum of pricing sneakers, Jordans are for poor people. For example, Pharrell Williams, highly respected music mogul and CEO of Billionaire Boys Club in Tokyo, Japan partnered with Adidas to create shoes valued at over USD 300. Stella McCartney has sneakers valued over $400. Lebron James has sneakers valued over $450. Alexander McQueen has sneakers valued over $500. Kanye West created Yeezy valued over $900. As stated before, in the global fashion sneaker community, Jordans are for poor people. What do you think?

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