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Barbers Near Me: Secrects Exposed

By: David H.

All men can appreciate a good barber. But, when a great barber is found, he becomes part of the family. A barbers relationship with a client relies on trust and confidentiality. People share some of their most intimate and private thoughts with barbers. We conducted a detailed interview with multiple barbers to discuss how real the struggles are for the skilled men and women within the beauty industry. In our findings, we discover most barbers have secret lives. A life that only other barbers can understand and appreciate. You are now going to gain exclusive access to this secret world. Welcome to the secret life of barbers.

Ever wonder why most barbers are quiet? Typically, they are listeners who soak up information given from clients to create a lasting bond. Clients expose raw secrets and trust their barber to not share this information. Under the condition of anonymity, we were able to have some barbers share a few secrets. This information was obtained from multiple barbers.

"I get hit on by single mothers all the time. I can’t say that I don’t find it flattering, but I have to keep everything professional."

"This one time a woman asked me if we had a 'full service' shop? I laughed and said, 'Only if the price is right.'"

"I have slept with some of my clients' mothers. Was I single at the time? Yes!"

"Fathers on the down low (DL) start beef with each other in the shop, but behind closed doors, they are sleeping with each other."

"I’ve seen black men request man buns. Do I redirect them? No. I would like to explain how the “man bun” traditionally works for finer hair textures. I just close my mouth and do me. They are definitely doing them."

"Guys come out to me all the time. I guess they feel comfortable about talking to me because I am a good listener."

Not all talk in the barbershop is “trash.” Conversations covered in the barber shop can include women, health, fashion, race, sports, religion, and politics. While discussing topics in the barber shop for hours, amazing networking opportunities can grow from like-minded men willing to offer support in more ways than one. Barbers often service clients who are government employees, educators, pastors, thugs, artist, the list goes on. Barbers remain unbiased while providing a service and obtaining a profit. A major benefit of being a barber is the very lucrative pay.

"I don’t see why more people don’t get into the barber trade. It is much more lucrative than drug dealing or gang banging. Did you know, a skilled barber can make the equivalent to an established drug dealer; meaning you don’t have to do anything illegal to gain quick money. I spend about 25 minutes per head and can average 4 heads an hour. I don’t have to deal with problems like other people have on their job. No manager, supervisor, or coding language for barbers. Just like price inflation in the corporate sector, the same still stands in a barbershop. Marketing promotions help drive sales of course, but skill is worth more than money." ~Anonymous

As small business owners, barber shops face obstacles just like all other small businesses. The art of opening a small business is challenging. When the doors open, everything is on the owner. Every business owner dreams of the day customers wait outside the door at the start of each day, waiting on their products, and services. That’s the sign of success, right? Wrong! True success comes from how much people trust you.

The barbershop bond is a brotherhood. People must trust their barber. Countless generations tend to fuel the same barber.

“I come here, my kids come here, and my grandkids come here.” - Happy Customer #4

Skill and trust are hard to come by. Normally, Sunday and Monday = The weekend. This means Tuesday through Saturday are the main work days for most barbers around America.

"Saturday’s are not for the faint. I typically don’t do appointments on Saturdays because people literally wait for hours. Single mothers tend to wait in the car as I cut their sons' hair. I think the reason is that they understand the value of having a place meant for men. Teens chill, watch Sports Center, text, and tweet while they await their turn for a cut." - Deon

"I feel obligated to help my community because I witness first hand a large amount of young males without any father figure. I feel it is my duty to help out as much as possible. I feel the barber is a type of therapist. Talking to someone about stressful issues cut down on extreme levels of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a struggle for black men. So even though I am not a doctor, I understand the value of being an ear to my fellow man. I learn so much from just being quiet." - Anonymous

"Seeing regular clients bring a smile to my face. I want to do more for my community because I see them giving me repeat business. I own my own business. I am my own brand. Regardless of having a bachelor's degree in business, it is important to encourage brand loyalty. Meaning keeping secrets. If I told you about the love affairs I deal with on a regular base, I could write a book. Or, at least direct a Love & Hip Hop series." - Eric

Although barbers love their clients, there are ground rules to follow. To avoid getting on your barber's bad side, here is a list of standard pet peeves almost every barber hates. These tips will help you avoid the barber wall of shame.

Don’t talk loud on your phone. No one wants to hear you talk on your phone like you are all by yourself. If you need to answer your phone, let your barber know and step outside.

Clean your whole body before you enter the shop. It is not okay to be in a room of 25 men, and you smell like balls and feet.

Use the toilet before you get in the chair. It is a pain to wait for the chair for an hour, and the guy before you is unorganized. You know when you have to go.

Keep your kids in line. They may smile in your face but most barbers will brand you as the weak dad who can’t keep his seed in line. The barbershop is not a daycare.

Maintain a general respect for the shop. If kids are in the shop, do not use profanity. Your voice should never be louder than the television.

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive access to the secret life of barbers. Remember, the next time you’re at the barbershop, the barber has a life of his own too.

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