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California Divides 11 United States

By: Landon P.

In 2016, California passed Assembly Bill 1887, requiring the Attorney General’s Office to enforce a ban on state-funded travel to states that pass laws removing protections for LGBT people or authorizing or requiring discrimination against them. Currently, California is dividing 11 United States because they consider their laws discriminating against gay and transgender people.

During 2018, Oklahoma issued a policy to allow private foster and adoption agencies to deny placing children with families based on religious or moral grounds. Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma, became the first to strike back at California’s bans on state-funded travel. Governor Stitt announced a ban on traveling to California.

“Enough is enough. If California’s elected officials don’t want public employees traveling to Oklahoma, I am eager to return the gesture on behalf of Oklahoma’s pro-life stance. I am proud to be governor of a state that fights for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.” - Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt

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