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Can Sneakers Be Worn With A Suit?

Updated: Jul 2

Can sneakers be worn with a suit? The idea was absurd a few years back. However, today is a new day. More men between the age of 21 to 35 are opting out of traditional dress shoes for a pair of contemporary sneakers. Is this a bold or foolish fashion choice? If one wants to partake, how must it be done? In the current climate, individuality is expressed through a wardrobe, but sneakers with suits are something that many guys still don't quite grasp when it comes to the details.

Sneakers relax the power suits produce. For instance, it's like wearing denim. A good quality suit speaks upon arrival. The fabric, lining, stitching, details, and design tell a story of the man's journey. Today's man enjoys a relatively modern tailored look. He runs directly into colored fabrics and fun patterns with his eyes open. His shirt is a bold solid color to redirect attention from the absence of his tie or a crisp white to add dimension for an expressive necktie.

Most men fail to disconnect their business wardrobe and put on a pair of running sneakers or chunky athletic shoes. The reasoning is purely based on comfort. A more modern trend is to rock a suit with sneakers and a t-shirt. These t-shirts are tucked without a belt as an accessory. The pant leg of the suit is gently rolled to highlight the playful and whimsical dress sock and clean minimal sneaker. For example, a suit with a Converse, high-top canvas sneaker creates a memorable, more casual image.

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