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Confluera Expands Reseller Program with 3SG Plus Partnership to AdvanceGlobal XDR Market

By: David H.

In 2019, former Palo Alto startup, Confluera, announced a $9 million Series A investment led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Several influential technology executives from John W. Thompson (Chairman of Microsoft and former CEO at Symantec); Frank Slootman (CEO at Snowflake and formerly CEO at ServiceNow); and Lane Bess (former CEO of Palo Alto Networks) supported this action. The announcement highlighted how Confluera aimed to deliver the industry's first platform to stop cyberattacks in real-time.

Reports indicate Confluera announced its partnership with 3SG Plus, a technology solutions provider to local governments, utilities, and technology firms, as part of the new Confluera 2020 Reseller Program. The program's expansion continues Confluera's momentum in the XDR market, leveraging Confluera's industry-leading platform to autonomously detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

“We are proud to join the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program and join forces with Confluera to offer advanced security response services to our customers,” said Angelo Mazzocco, president, and CEO, 3SG Plus.

Confluera's mission is to redefine the security model by introducing autonomous detection and response capabilities to deal with modern cyberattacks. Confluera aims to turn security analysts into cyber defenders by enabling them to stop breaches in their tracks. 3SG Plus is the second partner to join the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program, which is underpinned by Confluera's state-of-the-art technology to build robust detection and response capabilities into their offerings. Confluera's newly launched program delivers an innovative way to practice security, from post-facto incident response to a real-time threat interception, explicitly designed with resellers in mind.

"The ever-evolving threat landscape requires an advanced level of security to detect and respond to threats in real-time beyond traditional endpoints, partners like 3SG Plus are essential to achieving our mission to enable customers to autonomously detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents. With this further expansion of the Confluera 2020 Reseller Program, we will bring our market-leading solution to Ohio based enterprises," said Mukesh Singh, vice president of Sales, Confluera.

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