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D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals: The Testimony of Hillary Clinton

By Lyndon P.

As June 2nd approached, no one could have imagined that rioting and destruction were approaching as the world reacted to films that seemed to be an act of utter brutality in Minneapolis. However, in Washington D.C., a different controversy began to gain momentum as the testimony of Hillary Clinton and her aide concerning the emails discovered on her private server was under consideration by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The topic escalated on conservative social media as, at last, to many observers, some of the tricks surrounding the 2016 election season and the transitional period would be addressed. General Flynn was released, and some of the activities of the Executive Branch during the 2016-2017 transition of power were unmasked. However, fatefully, a video of a barbaric act in Minneapolis grabbed the attention of the Mainstream Media, and the world at large as demonstrations, the destruction of property, and an attack on western society itself ensued and continues to this day, weeks after the release of the George Floyd video. Developments in Washington, D.C., and the workings of the Federal Government receded into the background.

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