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Debbie Harris: The Lies She Believed

By: Candice H.

The Lies She Believed drives darkness to light as author D. Harris exposes real-life experiences in this gut-wrenching tell all. As the women in this book maneuvers abuse, crime, and self-discovery, it causes readers to reflect on their life journey. Many untold secrets and lies are brought to light, in hopes to provide healing and restoration. The Lies She Believed is not for the faint at heart, yet remind readers life has more to offer than the experiences of our past. What does your past intel? How do you move forward from a tarnished childhood?

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children (SPCC), exposing childhood traumas helps the healing process. Many adults at this time are deciding to pour out devastating experiences from their childhood. Suffering and internal ridicule surround victims of childhood sexual abuse and spill out into adulthood. The Lies She Believed provides a first-hand perspective on how negative childhood experiences can invade adulthood. According to American SPCC 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. 34% of the abusers who attack innocent victims are family members.

American SPCC is campaigning for people to speak out against their abusers and seek healing. #ItsTime for change is driving a number of adults to share their story from abuse to healing. The Lies She Believed is a healing book full of sorrow, joy and every emotion in between. Faith, determination, and exposure helped the healing process.

Here are a few quotes from The Lies She Believed:

“The lies we believe, blind us from the truths we need to see.”

“She struggles between the two realities- Perversion and purity.”

“How could Christ love her ugly parts?”

“The only way to ward off demons is by exposing hidden secrets.”

“She discovered that the only way to kill an unwanted appetite was to starve out the taste.”

At a book signing, D. Harris read aloud portions of the book and moved many listeners to tears. The read-aloud provided a voice to the women in the book and showed the raw emotion behind each page.

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