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Declaration of Independence

By: David H.

One cannot argue that for most of the nation’s history from the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 until the present day, the Democrat Party promoted principles that proved to be detrimental to Black Americans' well-being. From slavery to welfare, systems that enforce or support dependency where initiative is discouraged, in no way advance the fortunes of a group of people. In an economy based on capitalism,  certain conditions almost guarantee success. Proven determinants of success include completing high school, delaying and marrying after the age of 20, and anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines starts with a handicap to success, not insurmountable, but the principles are foundational. The “Bigotry of Low Expectations” experienced by Black Americans, particularly those law-abiding, tax-paying citizens seeking the betterment of themselves and their families, refers to demeaning Black Americans by assuming they are lazy and uneducated.

Within recent political discussions contrasting the two major parties, Republican principles encompass economic growth, stability, and productivity. As the south became economically self-sufficient, its population tended toward a belief in Republican principles as well.  The southern economy exploded economically in the post-Civil Rights era as the scourge of segregation disappeared, and the attitudes of its citizens shifted. Global companies located manufacturing plants in the southern states, attracted by the non-union environment. Contrasting the representation of the two parties during the recent past:  


  • George Wallace – Governor of Alabama – Quote: “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” – Ran for President as a Democrat in 1968 and 1972

  • Majority of voters in the south before 1992

  • Established and expanded the Welfare State, thus destroying the Black Family in urban areas

  • Opposes school choice – an option for inner-city parents to avoid underperforming public schools


  • President Richard Nixon, 1970 – Enacted Executive Order No. 4 mandated correction to underutilization of minority workers by federal contractors

  • President Ronald Reagan, 1983  – Issued Executive Order 12432 directed federal agencies to implement President Reagan Minority Business Enterprise plan and report progress annually

  • President Ronald Reagan, 1983 – President – Signed into law the Martin Luther King national holiday

  • President Donald Trump, 2017 -, – First Step Act; Opportunity Zones; Police Reform Act (rejected by Democrats); School Choice and many others

In summary, everything is not as it appears, and narratives can be challenged.

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