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Democratic Party: Founders of The Ku Klux Klan

By: Kevin M.

Reading the current Mainstream Media’s slant on the political environment, one would think that African Americans or Black Americans are indebted to the Democrat Party for life. A historical perspective would be useful in enlightening the public on the true nature and objectives of the Democrat Party. Much has been written on the Democratic Party's alignment with southern racism as the founders of the Ku Klux Klan in the post-Civil War southern United States as a force against Black American rights and Republicans.

The Civil War opposition to the expansion of slavery into the west led to the formation of the Republican Party in the United States in Wisconsin and Michigan. After the Civil War, Republicans pushed for the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments abolishing slavery, granting citizenship to former slaves, and voting rights to black men. During the 20th century, Republican Senators and Representatives presented more substantial support on a percentage basis than Democrats for Civil Rights legislation in 1957, 1964, and 1965, regarding voting, employment, fair housing, and public accommodations than Democrats, while the southern, segregationist representation in the Democrat Party remained strong.

Following behind this landmark legislation was the “Great Society” of the Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. For those unfamiliar, this major Democrat initiative included modern welfare laws in which marriage and work were discouraged among the poor, undoubtedly contributing to the exodus of some southerners to the Republican Party. Accompanying this development was the rise of the Democrat political domination in major US cities. An obvious outcome stemming from this legislation was a reversal of marital rates among the Black American population (from 70% to 30%), and an increase in welfare dependency, otherwise known as slavery. A condition in which the government and its bureaucrats control your means, aspirations, life, and children’s lives can only be defined as slavery. The Democrat Party did not change that much after all since 1865.

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