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Employing The Elderly

By: Janet K.

Have you ever wondered why most companies have a handful of older people working for them? The struggle is real employing the elderly. For instance, traditional thinking is people in their 60’s or older don’t have the education or training to function in most office, technological, manufacturing, medical, and retail settings.

It all comes down to money. Older people are more expensive to the bottom line of companies. High-risk medical coverage, high pay rates, and minimal education come at a

great cost. Some older people are more established than their younger counterparts. With mortgages, grown children, and a fear of losing their job to a person straight out of college which they have to train to take over their position. The wealth of knowledge from life’s many lessons which pours out of the mouths of older people is priceless.

Would you remove an employee from the job they’d been doing effectively for over twenty-seven years to save a few bucks for the company?

“In 2006, average turnover rates in the United States varied between around 15 percent annually for durable goods manufacturing employees to as high as 56 percent for the restaurant and hospitality industry.” - Nobscot Corporation

High turnover rates, age discrimination lawsuits, inadequate business practices, and poor office etiquette can decrease dramatically by employing older people. The safe-harbor approach could be used to experiment with ways to overcome hiring barriers confronting older workers. Overcoming this barrier will in, turn, decrease the annual amount of age-discrimination lawsuits submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC).

The struggle is real employing the elderly. Remember you are aging, so what do you think can be done to encourage companies to employ people sixty years old or older?

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