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Family Incest: America's Struggle Is Real

By: Harry L.

America's struggle with family incest is real. Imagine if a man impregnated fourteen (14) women within a city of 300,000 residents, and has a total of twenty-one (21) children as a return of his investment. What is the probability of his kids entering into a physical relationship as adults?

According to an article by Mona Chalabi, an estimated 0.2 percent of marriages in the United States are between individuals who are second cousins or closer — that means there are about 250,000 people in America in those relationships.

In Oregon, Dr. Bryce Cleary allegedly donated sperm to father at least seventeen (17) children. The now mid-fifty-year-old man feels there is a chance he may have even more children from his sperm donations made thirty (30) years ago during his time in medical school.

Investigative reporter Chris Vanderveen wrote an article about a doctor at a sperm bank who was allegedly secretly impregnating his patients.

"According to a recently filed lawsuit, Emmons-Boring now alleges her biological father is the very doctor who, in the late 1970s, was hired by her mother to help her conceive using artificial insemination. Instead of using an anonymous sperm donor — as he told Emmons-Boring’s mother he would — the lawsuit maintains the doctor secretly used his sperm."

The 2011 film From Up On Poppy Hill, starring Junichi Okada as Shun Kazama and Masami Nagasawa as Umi Matsuzaki director Goro Miyazaki takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride of love, disgust, and relief. Umi is a focused teenage girl, popular among her classmates, and driven to support her family business while her mother is away for college; her father is dead, and her grandmother is aging. Umi meets a very charming and suave young man named Shun. Shun is a bit older than Umi and becomes increasingly interested in spending time together. The vibe of the film has viewers cheering the young romance to grow until the twist of their father arises.

Outside of the movie theater, real health issues are attached to mating with a "full sibling." Seventy-five percent of the genes in common by descent, rather than the fifty percent expected by coupling with a stranger. After a few generations of the siblings giving birth, the infants would mainly be genetic clones. Inbreeding appears to carry several potentially harmful consequences.

It increases the chances that two harmful, but otherwise rare, recessive alleles will match up with one another. The result of this frequently involves all sorts of developmental problems. The other potential issue includes what is called the Red Queen hypothesis. The asexual parasites seek to exploit their host’s body reproduce far quicker than their hosts tend to. A bacteria can go through thousands of generations in the time humans go through one. If a woman is giving birth to genetically-identical clones, the parasites would find themselves well-adapted to life inside their host’s offspring, and might quickly end up exploiting said offspring.

With men having multiple children with multiple women, the opportunity for incest increase drastically. The goal of the overall quality of health and life becomes unobtainable due to inbreeding. One thing is sure, America's struggle with family incest is real.

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