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God’s Chosen People, Ordered “God TV” Off Air

By: Janet K.

Israeli regulator Asher Biton (Chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council) said, “GOD TV” had seven days to stop broadcasting. The U.S.-based evangelical broadcaster was taken off the airwaves, saying the channel hid its missionary agenda when it applied for a license.

Biton explained, “The channel appeals to Jews with Christian content...targeting the Christian population.” The controversy over GOD TV's “Shelanu” station put Israel and its evangelical Christian supporters in an awkward position. The Israeli people view any effort to convert them to Christianity as deeply offensive, a legacy of centuries of persecution and forced conversion at the hands of Christian rulers. Ward Simpson (CEO of God TV) stated, “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the Gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of his Jewish people.” Simpson apologized for any offensive remarks and explained how GOD TV would comply with all regulations.

The United States, are among the strongest supporters of Israel, viewing it as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. During the Trump administration, political and financial support from the White House's evangelical influence is welcomed by Israeli officials, but Israel shrugs off concerns about any hidden religious agenda.

Israeli law encourages Freedom of Religion as long as missionary activities are not directed at minors and do not involve economic coercion.

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