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Google News Update

By: Anne O.

Google reported on July 3. 2018 that developers had been and continued to be allowed to integrate with Gmail and access individual email accounts. Based on the content of the report, the intent of allowing access was an enhancement of the Gmail user experience by expanding accessibility and usage options. Before allowing access, Google performs an internal review on prospective developers. Google API Services policy mandates that developers are required to identify to users the who they are, what data they are accessing and why they are accessing the data, along with other stringent standards.

On the other hand, users must be diligent in reading the privacy policies of third-party apps granted access to their Gmail accounts. The user then must trade the apparent convenience of using Google to access other applications with diligence in reading, and understanding, the privacy permissions in these third-party apps. Users should exercise special care while reviewing the permissions that pop up when signing up for an app like “manage your calendars,” “manage your contacts” and “read, send, delete and manage your email” before automatically clicking on “Allow.”

Interestingly, visiting myaccount.google.com while logged into your Google account, provides you, the user with a link to review “Apps with account access” and to remove accounts if needed. My visit to this site revealed a few apps about which I had long forgotten but none with access to my email content.

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