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International Soccer Players Experience Racism

By: Lyndon P.

Chants and Nazi salutes fill the stadiums of European soccer games as Black, Asian, Minority, and Ethnic (BAME) players approach the field. Racism within the world of professional soccer is not new. While BAME players maintain professionalism in the face of racism, game officials are experiencing difficulties with requiring non-minorities to act accordingly.

Governing bodies of professional soccer organizations created initiatives showing a zero-tolerance policy for racism, focusing on fans as well as players. The two most common are “No to Racism” by UEFA and “Kick It Out” use education to stop all forms of discrimination. According to the Kick It Out annual statistical data, racism makes up 65% of reported abuse, faith-based discrimination increased to 75% compared to the previous seasons. Overall, discrimination reports rose by 43%.

With the safety risk increasing, threats of a strike are becoming more real. Other professional sporting leagues are taking measures to prevent discrimination into their hands. The American NFL, for example, does not tolerate any form of discrimination from fans or players. By upholding ethical guidelines, players must follow or be issued a fine, which may include banishment. Would pressure from all sides eradicate racism within professional soccer?

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