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Is Cultural Appropriation Confused With Heritage Appreciation?

Is cultural appropriation often mistaken with heritage appreciation? Respecting and honoring one's culture is not a problem, but when that honor and respect turn into appropriation, the issue surfaces. When one culture becomes an inspiration for your next Instagram pic, identify if showing your appreciation might offend a person with that heritage.

What represents cultural appropriation?

Cultural appropriation stands for "taking over a culture without permission." Unfortunately, cultural appropriation takes place daily. Many celebrities in social media posts wear culturally offensive clothing, hairstyles, and more just for "fun" or it "looks cool." That also means when certain rituals, ideas, or any action in that context be propagated.

Celebrities and cultural appropriation

From red carpets to music videos, many celebrities wear "cultural" costumes to show their appreciation to different cultures, but it ended up looking like appropriation of one's culture. Megastars like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and others were crucified by fans for adopting someone else's culture and religion as a costume.

International clothing brands targeted. Louis Vuitton caused a commotion in the media because the brand has released a kaffiyeh with powerful symbolism toward the Palestinian community.

Heritage Appreciation VS Cultural Appropriation

Social media started the debate of whether the controversial actions of celebrities went too far. However, the question arose, how can more people appreciate different cultures without offense?

If wearing certain clothing items is wrong, giving credit to a specific culture is not good enough. Are celebrities and clothing brands trying to influence society by involving the culture instead of just verbally endorsing it?

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