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LGBTQ+ (X- Christians)=?

By: Wes F.

Can you figure out this math equation: LGBTQ+ (x-Christians)=? What would the first step be in solving this equation? Would we need to determine what “x” represents before moving on to solving the remaining portion of the equation? In math, Order of Operations directs us to solve problems from within the parentheses first then move on to the outside of the parenthesis. (Source: MathForum.org) So what is the answer to LGBTQ + (x-Christians)=? We first need to explore the “x” variable and what this could mean.

What if the equation looked like this: LGBTQ+ (Black Lives Matter-Christians)=? If the “x” variable is life experiences, social movements, politics, law, or any other modern-day topic, how would this impact the outcome of the equation? If “x” equals social movements, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and was applied to the equation, within the parenthesis, this would be represented (Black Lives Matter - Christians). The equation as a whole would look like this: LGBTQ + (Black Lives Matter - Christians)=? If applying the Order of Operations, after the calculation is complete, the equation would look like this: LGBTQ+Black Lives Matter=? What would the social movement look like if the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter supporters combined forces? What would the outcome of the equation be? Should the question be, “Now that we removed Christians from the equation, what would society resemble?

If Christians were not part of everyday life, what would our world look reflect? Are Christian traditions fading away in America? In 2015, 75.2% of persons polled identified themselves as Christians. According to the 2015 Gallup Poll, there was a decrease of 4.9% from 2008 to 2015. What if the equation looked like this: LGBTQ+(Abortion-Christians)=? Surprisingly the Pew Research Center found 45% of Christians surveyed believed abortion should be legal in all/most cases, and 51% believe abortion should be illegal in all/most cases. If we removed Christians, would the abortion debate continue? Would more unborn children be terminated?

All persons involved in the equation, LGBTQ+(x-Christians)=? share the same space and coexist with different thoughts, beliefs, actions, morals, and various ways of life. How can the Christians thrive without impeding on the LGBTQ+ community? How can the LGBTQ+ community advance their agenda without stepping on the religious rights of Christians? Is there a solution to the equation?

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