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More Than 23,000 Hacked Databases Covering Billions of Credentials Were Leaked

By: Heather F.

Duncan Riley of Silicon Angle shared how more than 23,000 hacked databases covering billions of credentials were leaked and available for download on hacking forums and Telegram. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a warrant issued in California to cause Cit0Day to cease operations in September of 2020. Cit0Day, a website that was offering the databases for sale to hackers for a monthly fee.

Reports identify Cit0Day has a total of 50 gigabytes and 13 billion records from 23,618 databases. Cit0Day is similar to "data breach index" services like LeakedSource and WeLeakInfo, both taken down by authorities in 2018 and 2020. Billions of stolen credentials from the defunct breach index site leaked online have people concerned for their cybersecurity.

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