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Never Too Old To Dream

By: Carmen R.

Last night, I was a complete wreck. I was emotional and wore it on my sleeve. Finishing another glass of Yellow Tail Moscato and thinking about life, I remembered how my plans after high school turned out differently than I originally planned. Looking into the glass of emptiness, I thought about my dreams I assumed long evaporated. I'm in my thirties with a loft downtown, while all my friends are in the suburbs, married with three or four kids by now. I'm not envious of the way their life turned out. However, it would be nice to come home to someone special. My mother says I'm too picky when it comes to finding my true happiness. The fact is, no matter if I'm viewed as being past my prime in today's social norm, it's never too late to achieve my goals, strive for greatness, or find love in a hopeless place.

For instance, Alan Rickman received his first movie role at age 42. Colonel Sanders launched KFC at age 65. Sam Walton launched the first Walmart at age 44. Michael Jackson made music until he died at age 50. Satchel Paige played major league baseball at age 59. John Glenn was in space at age 77. Comedian George Burns performed at age 94. Daljinder Kaur is believed to be the oldest woman in the world to birth a child at age 70.

Honestly, there is still hope for me to find my way in the world. After researching these amazing men and women above, I realize giving up was never an option for them. I felt empowered to stop wasting time and make my dreams a reality before they go.

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