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Nuclear Weapons: Trump vs. Biden

North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and India all have nuclear capabilities along with unstable politics. Russia holds close to 7,000 nuclear bombs alone. However, after adding the nuclear bombs of Russia, China, and the United States, we come up with close to 14,000 in total. Despite progress in reducing Cold War nuclear arsenals, the world's combined inventory of nuclear warheads remains at a very high level: roughly 13,410 warheads as of early-2020. The AN602, also known as the Tsar Bomba (also known as "Ivan" or "Vanya"), was an aerial hydrogen bomb and is the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. This level of power comes at a cost. But is the price justified?

With glaring differences between the nuclear weaponry policies of the Trump Administration and that of the Biden Administration, both parties do agree to upgrade aging nuclear arms capabilities. However, that is all they agree upon. Let's get into the policy of the two administrations and their intentions.

Trump's View On Nuclear Weapons

The costly maintenance, upgrading, and development of new nuclear arms to properly run the "triad" of air, sea, and land deterrence, have become the focus under the Trump Administration. After considering the U.S. nuclear arsenal as the foundation of his strategy to maintain peace and stability and deter aggression against the U.S., Trump pointed to countries like Iran and North Korea who have developed nuclear capabilities within extremist regimes.

Most nuclear treaties were redesigned or dismissed as weak and useless against enemies that will never stop threatening the United States of America while simultaneously watching out for the world's off terrorist or extremist regimes. Are nuclear weapons still a useful bargaining chip?

Biden's View On Nuclear Weapons

Under the Biden Administration, the team aims to continue Obama-like policies. Biden has stated his commitment to reducing the role of nuclear weapons in national security. For instance, Nuclear Arms Control & Re-entering treaties. Nuclear arms are seen as a necessary evil for the Biden Administration; however, they disagree with the controlled escalation of nuclear weapons under Trump.

Biden declared that nuclear policies under Trump provoked more risk than benefit and pumped precious resources into an already substantial nuclear arsenal. Biden wants to re-envision U.S. nuclear strategy, moving toward a second-strike capability meant to deter nuclear attacks on the United States and its allies.


Even though nuclear weapons are destructive, people can and do survive them even when they are close to the bomb's blast radius. Tsutomu Yamaguchi lived through the bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and died at the age of 93. Not everyone is as lucky. Many WWII veterans and their families are at a standstill regarding this life-changing matter. The point of Nuclear Weapons is to protect the American people, but the question remains? Are nuclear arms a risk or a benefit?

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