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By: Anne O.

While U.S. citizens emerge from sheltering at home based on governmental guidelines and directives, some express concern about exposure and a second outbreak in the fall months, given this backdrop, workers, and business owners anxiously await times with reservations, a rebound of the U.S. economy. How does an economy rebound from a catastrophic event? Look to the industries that flourished during the shutdown as well as beneficiaries of inevitable lifestyle changes. Within a free market, competition and innovation will always produce growth.

Based on biology, one industry will follow historical patterns of emerging demand following a catastrophic event. Confined families remained sequestered at home, playing games, watching movies, and learning new skills. While recalling the conditions that prevailed in the aftermath of prolonged electrical blackouts, an investor would be wise to anticipate an explosive demand in infant-related products in December 2020 – January 2021. Conversely, the emotional trauma of loneliness, often coupled with sudden poverty brought on by earnings losses, should heighten the demand for clinical counselors.

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