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Saving America?

By: Anne O.

After the tragic shooting death of four-year-old LeGend Taliaferro, while he slept in Kansas City, Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice under our current President Donald Trump announced the formation of “Operation Legend.” Referring to a July 8, 2020 Press Release, the initiative provides a surge in law enforcement resources to tackle rising violent crime in the nation’s major cities. Kansas City, Missouri local and state law enforcement welcomed the first set of federal agents from the FBI, U.S. Marshal Service, DEA, and ATF to facilitate accelerating the apprehension of criminal suspects.  

On July 29, Operation Legend was extended to Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee as Attorney General Barr emphasized the government’s responsibility for protecting its citizens. The expansion was a reaction to increases in violent crime, especially homicide, in the target cities. The program was later expanded to Chicago, Albuquerque, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Memphis, Tenn. and had led to over 1000 arrests, based on an August 24, 2020, AP Report.

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