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Secrets: Edgar Allan Poe

By: David H.

Here is a treat for the lovers of literature. John Allan, the foster father of Edgar Allan Poe, exposed facts to which Poe would respond never more. Let us read between the lines to decode what John Allan claims to be the gospel truth. What are the secrets untold of Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was adopted by John and Frances Allan from an orphanage at the age of two (2). Allan was a prominent businessman with no kids of his own and seemed thrilled at first. But, once the Allan’s realized Poe was a handful, they recruited the aid of France's sister.

As time moved on, the relationship between Poe and Allan was undoubtedly forced. Poe did everything within his power to earn his foster father's love. However, the coldness and invisible blockade constructed by Allan forced Poe to grow up quickly. For instance, Poe and Allan entered into an agreement that Allan would assist Poe financially during his time at University. It came as a surprise to Poe when Allan refused to pay his college tuition at the University of Virginia during the 1800’s.

Poe began gambling and entered into debt. Through the years, Allan shared his disgust with the man Poe became. Allan admitted Poe was a miserable, sulky, and ungrateful person during his childhood and over the years. With a few failed business endeavors, and it’s not clear if that was the cause of anger festering within Allan toward Poe.

Poe’s early on experiences could have been better, but Poe never attributed everything he learned, both good and bad to his foster father, John Allan.

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