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Supreme Court Rules States Can Legalize Gambling On Sports

By: Ryan H.

During 2018, the Supreme Court rules states can legalize gambling on sports, while advisors strongly suggested the Supreme Court reconsider. The organization called Stop Predatory Gambling filed a brief warning of how legal sports wagering would "exploit the financially desperate, exacerbate crime, cultivate addiction," and impose "enormous social costs." Gambling is a diversion to a much larger problem. More than 80 million people visited casinos during 2017, close to 60 million North Americans participate in fantasy sports leagues, and half of the adults of America say they buy lottery tickets. With history advertising mobsters, grifters, and freeloaders attributed to gambling, why would the legalization of betting on sports be up for discussion?

Many states approve commercial casino gambling because it is an economic tool. The benefits include increased employment opportunities, sizable tax revenue for both state and local governments, and enormous growth in domestic retail sales. Gambling destinations like Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Biloxi, Mississippi, are expecting to yield a significant return. However, the actual occurrence will be slow and quiet. How will legal gambling assist in economic prosperity? How will legal gambling destroy communities? Is legal gambling able to transform into a lucrative business?

Those against the Supreme Court's decision indicated how a federal law (Murphy v. NCAA) that prohibited states from acting to legalize sports betting was violated. Yet, the Supreme Court rules states can legalize gambling on sports.

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