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The Green Economy

By: Anne O.

Capitalism, free enterprise, and competitive markets exist because a person, group of people or organization identifies an idea, a skill, or a product that creates value for someone else. The amount to the end-user exceeds the cost of producing goods or services. Profits are generated, and in the end, the business and the general economy experience growth. Fundamental to this cycle is the understanding that consumers buy products to increase their wealth, happiness, or well-being.

The entertainment industry produces happiness, emotional highs, suspense, and relaxation. Certain entertainment vehicles are live, while others are digital, to be enjoyed repetitively. Live competitive sports teams generate feelings of excitement, anticipation, admiration, and an escape from everyday stresses. The experience is like attending an amusement park, the circus, or a carnival. The professional sports team product proved to be a winner as American sports stars developed into global icons. However, if a condition is added to the delivery of the product that essentially mutes or eliminates the pleasure aspect but instead, interjects unearned guilt, accusations and forced acts upon large segments of the consumer group, the consumer might become uncomfortable as the pleasure aspect is removed. This discomfort also costs the consumer funds and can drive that consumer to seek alternate enjoyment. This developing situation can transform a green, profitable industry into a red, or money-losing business.

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