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The Human Race Is Headed For Extinction!

By: David H.

If the “Gay” trait referred to extinction, is it probable over millions of years, the human race could become extinct? Imagine for a moment the human race population begins to decline as a result of less heterosexual relationships. Both men and women with the gay trait act upon this “predisposed” condition and never have children. The human race can only continue if people are willing to have intercourse and produce offspring. The more people who are gay, the fewer families are reproduced. Now apply millions of years being predisposed to the gay DNA trait; if the majority of the human population is gay, humans will become endangered and over time extinct.

Extinction is the elimination of an entire species caused by environmental factors or genetic evolution. Evolution occurs when DNA changes over multiple generations. Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution as a possible explanation for natural changes in genetic order. A scientific “theory” is supposed to be supported by factual evidence to conclude the theory as probable. Absolute proof does not exist to support an argument; however, if evidence strongly suggests the approach is accurate, the scientific community accepts the theory as viable.

Scientist believes humans evolved over 6 million years from apelike creatures in Africa. A total of 15-20 apelike species appeared on the continent in which the human race began migrating to other areas of the world like Asia. The first official humans were Homo sapiens, of which we are still a part of this category. According to the scientist, Homo sapiens evolved over millions of years in both physical and behavioral ways. Our facial characteristics refined along with our body composition, including less hair surface. When considering behavior, humans became more sophisticated, evolving into a race with a larger brain mass and higher brain functionality.

Recent DNA studies found the oldest human ancestors in Southern Africa. The group of humans is known as the “San” people. They hunted and gathered for more than 20,000 years. The San people still walk the Earth today in the secluded rural areas of Southern Africa and live nomadic lifestyles. Although the San people speak a particular language and wear traditional garments, we are biologically connected. The San people's DNA contains elements of every nationality on Earth. Although scientists documented the human race for many years through DNA and archaeological findings, what is unknown is how the human race will evolve in the future.

Could it be we are overlooking human evolution right before our eyes? Are the current sexuality trends, in fact, a form of growth that will eventually lead to human extinction? Researchers found something believed to be a “Gay” trait, through DNA evidence in Chromone X. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, 2014), “Studies comparing identical and fraternal twins suggest there is some heritable component to homosexuality, but no one believes that a single gene or genes can make a person gay. Any genetic predispositions probably interact with environmental factors that influence the development of sexual orientation.” Scientist believes this predisposition to homosexuality influences a person’s desire to have intimate relationships with the same sex. Being predisposed does not mean a person will be homosexual; it means the internal environment is capable of producing these behaviors.

What can prevent human extinction? Will other genetic traits lead to extinction as well? To what extent do humans contribute to their demise? How are you contributing to human extinction? Will the Earth pass away through destruction, as the Bible predicts? Only time will tell.

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