• Erik Sudberg

The Profitability of Dead Babies

In 1993, Congress made it illegal to buy and sell human fetal tissue. They furthermore banned Federal research on fetal tissue, prohibiting anyone from altering the timing, method, or procedures of abortion solely to obtain human fetal tissue, requiring a women's informed consent before they can use fetal tissue for research purposes. However, the buying and selling of human fetal tissue continued outside Federal reach.

March 8th, 2000, the television program "20/20" ran a hidden camera piece on Dr. Miles Jones of Opening Lines, a fetal tissue broker. In seeing the interview, Dr. Jones stated that some weeks he could make up to $50,000 in profit from buying and selling fetal tissue and body parts. $50,000 in one week on dead babies.

A March 9th, 2000, meeting of the House of Representatives, Committee on Commerce, Subcommittee on Health and Environment led to evidence being transferred to Atty. General Janet Reno requesting the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate Dr. Miles Jones and Opening Lines.

Fast forward to 2019. Donald Trump appoints a select committee on fetal tissue research consisting of several Charlotte Lozier Institute members. Senior Fellow, Director of Life Sciences Tara Sander Lee, during an interview, asks the question, "Why do we keep focusing on archaic models when newer, better alternatives are out there" that do "not include the intentional killing of a child?" Indeed, there are alternatives. For instance:

  1. Research on Monkey cells for vaccines

  2. Research on Hamster cells for vaccines

  3. Blood collected after birth from umbilical cords, which contain a generous amount of stem cells

  4. Tissue from miscarriages with the informed consent and approval of the mother

  5. Adult stem cells

Here is a list of conditions, diseases, and disorders that benefit from adult stem cells.

  • 26 Types of Cancer

  • 16 Autoimmune Diseases

  • 2 Cardiovascular Conditions

  • 2 Ocular Conditions

  • 3 Neurodegenerative Diseases and Injuries

  • 10 Anemias and other blood conditions

  • 4 Wounds and Injuries

  • 2 Liver Diseases

Beyond this, research on artificially grown cells called "organoids" shows us a snapshot of a future that could effectively stop using live tissue from any being.

As stated by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, we must get down to the matter's unadulterated facts. The most prominent misconception people have about stem cell research is that it is only embryonic that are useful. Other stem cell types are proving to be much more helpful. The best stem cells for patients are adult stem cells; these are taken from the body (e.g., bone marrow, muscle, even fat tissue) or umbilical cord blood and can treat dozens of diseases and conditions. Over 1 ½ million people have already been treated with adult stem cells (versus no proven success with embryonic stem cells.)

The Senate and the Presidency are now changing from Republican to Democrat. This, paired with an already Democratic House, we could very well see a walk back on the last 20 years' efforts to move into a future of possibly not having to use any live tissue fetal or otherwise. Only time will tell. As for the profit off of dead babies? It continues to this day outside federal jurisdiction.

For more information related to stem cells, check out stemcellresearchfacts.org for more details.

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