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The Truth About Fact-Checking: All Facts Matter!

By: Lyndon P.

Two sets of facts bear discussing as we approach the Presidential Election on November 3rd.  General confusion among the electorate surrounds defining exactly when the placement of illegal immigrant children in cages began. 

In July 2019, Democrats accused the Trump Administration of initiating this policy and quickly corrected the error.

The New York Post published a story on how photos posted in error, twice, by Democrats reflected illegal immigrant children in holding cages in June 2014, during the Obama/Biden administration.  Recently, former ICE Director Tom Homan affirmed that the Obama Administration approved and built the cages for illegal immigrant children's' detention.  He also noted that American children suffer separation after their parent's arrest.

Incredulously, national media, blue checkmarks, and Democrats misunderstood the term "Coyote" used by President Trump during the Presidential Debate on October 21st.  A well-known word, coyotes are hired to smuggle humans from Mexico to the United States.  These ill-informed "voters" were oblivious to the meaning of a term in use since 1882. USA Today explained that the context was missing in the statement.  We maintain that voters should be familiar with the illegal immigration crisis in the contemporary United States and the commonality of the term" coyote."

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