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The Wall Street Journal Is Fighting The Chinese Government

By: Carmen R.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is fighting the Chinese government due to an outburst from China's Foreign Ministry. China's Foreign Ministers revoked the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters based in Beijing. The situation is connected to a recent opinion piece published by the WSJ on February 3, 2020, referring to China as "the real sick man of Asia."

The Ministry observed the post as attention-seeking in a desperate attempt to gain awareness repeatedly. Efforts to educate the journalists on unspecified consequences for their actions were made. However, Jonathan Cheng, the WSJ's China bureau chief explained, U.S. nationals Deputy Bureau Chief Josh Chin, reporter Chao Deng, and Australian national reporter Philip Wen had five (5) days to leave the country.

"Regrettably, what the WSJ has done so far is nothing but parrying and dodging its responsibility...the Chinese people do not welcome those media that speak racially discriminatory language and maliciously slander and attack China." - Geng Shuang (Foreign Ministry spokesman)

The WSJ's publisher and chief executive William Lewis expressed his disappointment by the decision to expel the journalists and asked the Foreign Ministry to reconsider.

"This opinion piece was published independently from the WSJ newsroom, and none of the journalists being expelled had any involvement with it." - William Lewis (the WSJ's publisher and chief executive)

Editor in Chief, Matt Murray shared how the WSJ must push to reverse the expulsions and continue its work covering China's rise as a global force. However, the fact is the journalists work for the WSJ. The WSJ published the article. Regardless of which department releases it, the Chinese government was offended.

It is well known the WSJ operates with a strict separation between its news and opinion staff. However, in this case, it seems they are the same by the Chinese government.

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