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Unsolved Mysteries

By: Candice H.

Survivors of true real-life crimes often hide what’s done in the dark. Peering behind each corner lies truth hidden away. As we explore real-life stories of what’s done in the dark, let us also remember those who meet their demise. May justice and peace reside as a reflection of their strength and endurance.

Boko Haram Girls -

In the cloak of night, Boko Haram secretly kidnapped 276 female students from the Government Secondary School in Borno State, Nigeria on April 14, 2014. Again, in early 2018, the group kidnapped another 110 female students. In total, Boko Haram’s estimated kidnapping totals include thousands of women and girls and 10,000 boys. The girls’ ordeal entailed forced actions of denouncing their religion, accepting Islam, isolation from family and prohibition of attending school. In some cases, after receiving ransom from the Nigerian government, Boko Haram released some girls to their family. When Boko Haram steal women and children from their family what’s done in the dark?

Ten years, three girls, and a basement -

Vanished from the streets of a Cleveland, Ohio suburb, three girls were held captive for ten years in the basement of a serial rapist. Each kidnapped at separate times; the girls endured torment still unspoken. Churches, neighbors, a school, and a hospital encircle the Seymour Avenue house location. Many search parties looked for the girls with no success. A child was born in captivity and held six years. After escaping captivity, the three girls went “free” to live a life of memories of what’s done in the dark.

MH370 -

More than 200 women, men, and children disappeared above open water. Did the flight crash or land on a secret island and the survivors are being held captive? Malaysian authorities conducted varies open water searches for the plane and failed to retrieve pieces of the plan or find passengers. After four years, the Malaysian authorities have nothing to show the families. Although no evidence of a plane crash exists, the government has declared the case closed. No further resources or funds allocations exist for the family. What’s done in the dark?

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