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What Is Paint And Sip?

By: Janet K.

Akron, Ohio has more to offer than you know! For instance, most people hear Akron, Ohio and instantly think of Lebron James. However, the new craze is Blushes and Brushes. Co-Founders, Kevin Chambers, and Jenn Harris created Blushes and Brushes after an epiphany during dinner. Chambers integrated many years of experience in the adult entertainment industry while Harris included her love for hands-on arts and craft projects that encouraged the manifestation of a professional business model from a random idea.

Blushes and Brushes is a traditional paint and sip business which is fun for art enthusiasts. However, there’s an exotic twist. Male models are completely nude and fully involved in the painter's creative vision. Some skeptics ask, "What makes Blushes and Brushes so sophisticated?" They actually have a team of college-educated artist available to offer support to customers.

The dynamic duo watch Blushes and Brushes gain recognition from all over America, Japan, and parts of the United Kingdom. Chambers and Harris, remain humbled by the immediate international success; yet, they each refuse to take sole credit. Chambers relentlessly promote their supportive team, while Harris expresses gratitude for the great reputation Blushes and Brushes earned since its inception. Customers come from all over to see Chambers and his squad of solid male models dangle inspiration around the room. Harris shared a future goal of the company is to introduce female models. Customer reviews reflect positive feedback from a diverse group of attendees. "The atmosphere is amazing and drama free." - Shannon K. Some customers explained how empowering it was to gather with other women to become fully immersed in sisterhood and creativity; while others were excited to see something much bigger.

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