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Who Is Racist, Donald Trump, Or Joe Biden?

By: David H.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and voters owe it to themselves to be familiar with the candidates' true feelings without having to plow through the mainstream media propaganda and opinions. CNN reported, "Michelle Obama releases closing campaign message calling Trump's actions 'morally wrong' and 'racist.'"

Who is racist, Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Certain media outlets still only point the finger of "racism" and "bigotry" at President Donald J. Trump and conveniently avoid the powerful words of Joe Biden over his many years of service in Washington DC. Both sides of the story are seldom shared. Most people already view President Trump as a racist. But, is Joe Biden racist? Before anyone can pass judgment, all facts must be unveiled

A racist is one who discriminates against another based on the color of their skin. Our friend Dex Bahr at American Thinker compiled a comprehensive list of Joe Biden quotes. 

For example, the statements below cover only a portion of what is on record by Joe Biden during the 21st Century.

  • Voting a certain way would place Black Americans (using slang "Y'all") back in chains

  • Boasted of close relationships with genuine segregationist racists of the 1940s,1950s, and 1960s

  • Described a nice-looking, clean, African-American man as "storybook" [President Obama]

  • Explained how he "learned about roaches" when playing (as an adult) with young Black children

  • Classifies American citizen's voting patterns based strictly on race (You ain't Black)

Our friends at Breitbart reported additional astonishing comments:

  • Stated that he could stay home during COVID because "some black woman is stocking grocery shelves."

  • Said that " Poor kids are just as smart …. as white kids."

The President of the United States leads a multicultural society and is viewed as the world's most powerful position. With control, influences, and the fortunes of this America and other western civilizations as well. However, when a public figure continually refers to a particular group with inferiority implications, one cannot help but notice.

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